Jacquelyn Schirmer – Osteopath

“Ian Willows, strength and conditioning coach, provides an outstanding level of service to the sports and rehabilitation industry. His knowledge and understanding of human movement is commendable and I can vouch for his results regarding my personal sporting achievements and those of my patients.

I began working with Ian as my Strength and Conditioning coach in September 2009 and managed to cut my marathon time by 33 minutes within the first year.  He is adamant that his clients go back to the basics regarding technique and this paid off with not only my marathon, but also my 1117mile cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats and swimming the 11 mile length of Lake Windermere. I could not have achieved these goals without the Strength and Conditioning basis to my training.

As an Osteopath and Lecturer, I have been referring to Ian for two years.  Many patients with complex medical presentations have reported positive results from embarking on a programme with him. I trust him implicitly with the on-going care for both my sporting oriented patients and for rehabilitation needs and this allows me to offer the option of self-management for a longer term outlook to their healing. His method works well alongside my Pilates programme.

His knowledge of biomechanics is sound and he takes it to a higher level which is rare in this industry. There are few professionals who can balance theory with performance requirements and I would suggest that Ian manages to achieve this in his training methods. If you are willing to be dedicated and expect results, this is the professional for you”.

Hamish Munro – Strength & Conditioning Coach Peterborough United Football Club

“Under Ian willows I was able to gain an immense understanding of the practical application of a range of strength & conditioning methods. During my time there I was lucky enough to observe Ian with a range of athletes implementing a vast array of training modalities. Ian was always going out of his way to help and assist clients in and outside of the facility. His personality, ability and knowledge made him a fantastic coach from which to learn from, Ian’s experience and expertise would definitely be an immense acquisition for a client, employer or interns alike.”

Josh Butcher – Inspired Training

“Ian is an excellent member of the fitness industry, as both a Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach. Through his expert knowledge and excellent delivery methods he provides his clients with a professional service. He has also helped me to find my way into the industry and continues to advise and guide me with sound advice! Thanks Ian!”

Kate Steel – Mother of two, aged 37, full time self employed. Collingham, Newark, Notts

I went to Ian with an open mind, I had started running again and wanted to be able to better my running and at the same time lead a healthier lifestyle.  I have always ran with my friend and we have been able to push each other, we both went to Ian to the same sessions.  At the beginning my initial thoughts were that I would feel self conscious and a bit silly but straight away Ian put me at ease, we were able to talk to him and he quickly made us realise that there are plenty of other women out there like us that fall into bad habits and run out of time in the day to fit everything in.

I found the Strength and Conditioning sessions fantastic, they were not boring and we were able to have a giggle at the same time. At times the sessions could be hard work but putting the effort in gets results.  Ian is very supportive with every aspect including helping me with my daily eating habits, I have found that my eating habits and therefore my general well being has improved dramatically and I now look at food in a completely different light.

During my six weeks with Ian I have lost 13 pounds in weight and 2cm from my Hips, waist and my tummy, I feel a lot better about myself mentally and physically.  I would recommend Ian’s Strength and Conditioning sessions to anyone who feels they would just like to lead a healthier lifestyle and feel fitter.

Vicki Town – Mother of three, full time self employed, Collingham,Newark, Notts

As a full time working mum I have tried to eat quite healthy and exercise over the years. Along with my friend and work colleague I have managed to do some running in order to keep fit. When Ian gave us both the chance to have some strength and conditioning sessions with him we jumped at the chance.

I was very apprehensive before the first session as I didn’t know Ian and did not have a clue what these sessions involved so thought I would be embarrassed. I am not one for getting up and doing things in front of people so this worried me quite a bit. I absolutely loved the first session, Ian put us at ease immediately and never made us feel self- conscious, constantly encouraging us throughout the session. Each session has been challenging, really good fun and very professional. Ian has scrutinized our eating habits in the form of weekly food diary’s to help us change our outlook on food. He has given us constructive feedback which has definitely helped me continue with success. I have lost some weight since starting our strength and conditioning sessions and feel like my body is changing shape.

I would definitely recommend Ian to anyone who wants to improve their fitness, posture and their view on healthy eating as a lifestyle change. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Ian


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