Boys to Men

Boys To Men

respect fa imageIn the changing rooms on Thursday I said I would post something on my blog regarding my role as coach-teacher on the subject of learning how to be a man. There are some notes taken from Joe Ehrmann’s book ‘InsideOut Coaching’.

Here is one of my roles as coach-teacher:

  • Model and teach respect toward the opposite sex and the value of self-respect and respectful relationships

halloween 2012Self Respect And Respectful Relationships

I would like to make people aware of the frightening statistics regarding relationships. These are from Liz Claiborne, Inc’s ‘Love is not abuse program:

1. 50% of teenagers in a serious relationship have compromised personal beliefs to please a partner

2. 45% of teen girls know someone who has been pressured or forced into having intercourse or oral sex

3. 33% of teens experience some kind of abuse in their romantic relationships including verbal and emotional abuse

4. 27% of teenagers have been in a dating relationship in which a partner has engaged in name calling and disrespect

5. 20% of teenagers report having been hit, slapped or pushed by a partner

6. 20% of teenage girls are physically or sexually hurt by a dating partner

Add in the growing epidemic of dating abuse via technology, sexting and social media and the statistics are even more frightening.


Through the football we play at Collingham Football Club we need to learn to respect ourselves and others. That includes our teammates and our opposiCRFCtion.


Sport can be a powerful way in which to learn respect. This can have a direct impact on our relationships.


I will leave you with this quote from Joe Ehrmann:

“A team is defined by the quality of its relationships and the commitment to its cause. Every team has a common purpose, performance goals and objectives. In addition, every team has a mutually accountable work ethic and is built on the trust, respect and integrity of every team member”