My Aim Is For You To Transform Your Life

InsideOut bookI am at present reading Joe Ehrmann’s ‘InsideOut Coaching’. This book was highly recommended by Mike Boyle.
I am over half way reading and making notes from this book. Although I haven’t finished it I am already absorbing the powerful message. I have to admit I have been left feeling a little confused to how I can become a transformational coach. How do I put this into practise? To my amazement I have already started. I was talking to a manager of a youth under 7 football team who said they are looking for someone to help out running the team. They told me that the aim was to win. My message to this coach was; win, lose or draw, the aim should be to love the game.
A brief synopsis of this book in my words: Joe Ehrmann was a professional athlete for 13 years. He played American football for the Detroit Lions and Baltimore Colts. He was known as a ruthless player and a party man. This story tells of his battle with himself, drugs, and physical and emotional abuse.
Throughout his time as an athlete he had many coaches, good and bad. Joe draws on a diverse range of characters for his coaching inspiration.
His aim is to educates athletes, coaches, parents, teachers to become transformational coaches. Joe states that the biggest influence on a child, second to their parents, are coaches or teachers.

I highly recommend reading this book by Joe Ehrmann ‘InsideOut Coaching’.

Here is a link below to his website:


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