Further information on Specialisation in Sports and 10,000 hours theory.

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I just read an article in which Kim McCullough ( a former MBSC intern by the way) talked about the difficulty of balancing the concept of early specialization with the concept of 10,000 hours needed for expert status. If we really need to accumulate 10,000 hours to become an expert in any discipline then it would appear we need to start very young? However on the flip side, all the expert experience seems to point away from early specialization in one sport? Who’s right?

Kim quoted a Scandinavian study that showed that elite performers cranked up the hours between ages 15 and 18? How and why is this significant? I think potentially in three ways:

1- Non specialized hours count early. All movement counts toward the 10,000 hours from ages 5-15. If  mastery of a particular sport is the goal it is not about hours of that particular sport but…

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