My Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Sport Performance

My Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Sport Performance

I have put a spin on the title of each tip to keep you interested. This is not your average top 10. You might expect eat cabbage as it is the best food or do 5 metre sprints as this has shown to produce the most improvement in speed. NO. This is not what this post is about.

Here are my top 10 tips below. They are in no particular order.

1. A-Tish-U regularly

This has got nothing to do with sneezing or getting a cold. Caught you out with that one eh! Do tissue work regularly. Do Self Myofascial Release using a foam roller, golf ball, med ball, tennis ball, pvc pipe, rumble roller. It is hard to give a recommendation as to how often. Doing this every day would be a good start. Use a good deep tissue therapist on a regular basis.

2. Don’t be a sheep 

I like to see leaders on the field, in practice and when you are socialising. Speak up if you have a point, don’t be afraid. Everyone can lead and don’t do what someone else does just because they were doing it. Ask ‘Why?’. This does not mean to ignore another leader. Don’t be awkward by doing the opposite. There is a right and wrong time to question someone’s leadership. Speak to someone in a position of authority first.

3. Be a sponge

Listen to your Manager, coaches, physiotherapists, experienced professionals. Absorb and take it on-board. Applying yourself will help you get further in your career.


Keep It Simple Stupid. How many times have we heard and/or used this acronym. How true it is. The good players do the simple things well.

5. Read

In my profession not many people actually read. This might sound daft. They can read but don’t bother. Read whatever interests you.

6. Practice Purposefully

Practice regularly, practice consistently, it should be hard work, it might not always be fun and it can be easily repeated.

7. Feedback

Having a mentor or having somebody with experience to provide you with feedback about your performance, practices and efforts will help guide you to improvement. This can be tough and your mindset is crucial

8. Mistakes

Make mistakes. We should try and learn from our mistakes. You may make the same mistake twice, three times. The point is to eradicate the mistake piece by piece.

9. Mindset

Develop a growth mindset. A growth mindset will help you achieve a greater outlook, inspire others, help in your personal relationships and help to bring up your children.

10. Moderation 

If you do too much of one thing it can become a bad thing. This may decrease your performance and maybe increase your risk of injury. My advice is all things in moderation: Strength & Conditioning, practice, rest & recover, meditate, have fun, drink, eat bad things. Whatever you do, do in moderation.

The Answers

My top 10 tips are based on my experiences. They are definitely not all of them.

Let me know what your top tips might be.


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